Welcome to Knitvana!

Welcome to Knitvana - your refuge to knitting from daily stress!

The site name - Knitvana - is a combination of words "knit" and "nirvana" and it is the explanation of the main purpose of the site. We want you to enter a happier state of mind by relieving your stress into the art of knitting. Just take a look through our pages and whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter we hope that this site will help you to find nirvana.

Meet Lizzy

We would like to introduce you to our mascot - Lizzy the Cow. Lizzy is a knitted tea cozy. She helps us to make a perfect cup of tea and keeps it warm.

Lizzy wants to come to your house and keep your teapot warm. Lizzy feels very lonely. Her knitting pattern is free - so knit a friend for Lizzy and send her a picture!

What's New in Knitvana?

Knitkinz Hadoop Elephant - for Your Office

This 6” tall new elephant - Knitkinz Office Elephant - can sit next to you in your office. It can keep pens or business cards for you. Or it can sit and look at your computer. Any Yarn can be used for your elephant. For this Knitkinz Elephant we used Yellow Cotton Yarn because Hadoop is Yellow.

kGeometry: Square and Circle Venn Diagrams

Square and Circle Venn Diagrams are knitvana designs for kGeometry - knitting Geometry. Coasters, Mousepads or Pot Holders sizes:

* Squares: 8.5” x 8.5”

* Circles: 9”x9”

If you would like to knit Square Venn Diagram Coaster or Pot Holder or Circle Venn Diagram Coaster or Pot Holder (or all of them!), you can buy a very cheap patterns:

Square Venn Diagram $1.36

Circle Venn Diagram $1.37

Square and Circle Venn Diagrams $1.98

Another option: Placemat with Square and Circle Venn Diagram. Place mat size is 12" x 12"

kGeometry: Placemat with Square Venn Diagram $1.32

kGeometry: Placemat and Pot Holder with Square Venn Diagram $1.99

Do you want a cup of coffee for 99 cents?

Knitting for Stress Relief

You came home from a long day at work. You are exhausted. You are totally stressed. What's next? You find yourself in front of the freezer reaching for ice cream or you are pouring yourself a glass of wine? Try to pick up your needles instead...

What is very helpful for stress relief? Drinking green tea and knitting... Knitting the Tai Chi symbol - Yin-Yang - works well for stress relief. If you feel like you don't have enough time to knit - we have some ideas how to find time for knitting.

To design this Meditation Pillow (17" x 15” x 8") we used needles

#3 and cotton yarn of many colors: we have yarn leftovers with a lot of different colors.

Please look at the 'Kandinsky Pillow Colors.pdf' file down of the Modern Art page to see the list of colors we used. This pillow has:

* 132 squares

* less than 4 yards each

This is a high level pattern: is does not describe each stitch on each row: Meditation Pillow - $1.98

Knitvana Toys

Knitkinz Cute Animals

Introducing Knitkinz your knitted fuzzy friends. You can give them unique personalities. You can knit for them clothes and accessories, food and furniture. You can take them with you anywhere. You can give them to people you love.

Knitkinz are cute knitted stuffed animals. They all have the same sized head and body, so any Knitkinz clothes fit them. You can find free patterns for Knitkinz clothes and accessories on this site.

You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities. You can knit clothes and accessories for them, as well as food and furniture.

We have 18 Big Knitkinz animals (14") and 5 Mini Knitkinz animals (7"). You can also knit Knitkinz Furniture and Knitkinz Clothes. Clothes patterns for Knitkinz animal are free. They are on the same websites as animal patterns.

We have patterns for sets of several Knitkinz on Knitkinz page. Our other sets are: Popular Knitkinz - 8 animals and furniture; Jungle Animals (Monkey, Elephant, Tiger and Hippo); House Animals (2 Dogs, 2 Cats and Mouse); Dogs: Tea Cozy and Knitkinz (2 Dogs and Dog Tea Cozy); Knitkinz Bear Family and Fish.

Knitkinz Toys for Your Office

This Knitkinz Bear is a perfect way to give a hug this Valentine Day to your Valentine.

Knitvana Knitkinz Office animals can sit next to you in your office. They can keep pens or business cards for you. Or they can sit and look at your computer.

Toy Tea Cozies

Knit these cute tea cozies and you will be tempted to invite your friends for a cup of tea just to demonstrate your tea cozy. These Tea Cozies are like toys.

We have 7 animal Tea Cozy patterns.

* Red Cat Tea Cozy

* Dog Tea Cozy

* Froggy Tea Cozy

* Piggy Tea Cozy

* Bear Tea Cozy

* Monkey Tea Cozy

* Hippo Tea Cozy

Guess which of Animal Tea Cozy patterns is the most popular?

Also we have a very popular Witch Tea Cozy. We also use it as Door Decoration for Halloween.

We have patterns for sets of Animal Tea Cozies and Knitkinz patterns.

Modern Art

How do you come up with knitting ideas? What inspires your projects? It’s not always obvious how to answer these questions. But some ideas can easily be traced to their origin.

Knitting helps to develop fine motor skills, which are crucial for intellectual development. In particular, the speech center in the brain is very close to the finger center, thus speech is very closely associated with knitting. Knitting also helps to improve concentration and problem solving abilities.

Your Beautiful Home

Do you want to knit something for your home? We have pillow patterns and patterns for Christmas and Easter holidays. Are you thinking about knitting a gift for your friend? Look at our kitchen patterns. If you or your child is in Penn State or you are a Penn State alumni, look at the pattern for the Penn State Scarf.

Knitting for your Kitchen

Do you want to knit something for your kitchen? For the kitchen, Knitvana has a lot of patterns for tea cozies, pillows, pot holders, place mats... Some of these patterns are simple and free, some are more complex, but are inexpensive.

If you want to knit something very simple for tea, check out our free pattern for Tea Bags Basket

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