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Enjoy knitting Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy. The pattern is free but sometimes we see it for sale by non-authorized people. If you see it, please post a comment here or contact us: contact@knitvana.com. Thank you!!

Meet Lizzy's Friends from Different Countries

Lizzy is the most popular Knitvana pattern. Lizzy is very happy to see pictures of her friends. Please send us a picture of your knitted cow tea cozy at contact@knitvana.com. If you send the picture that we can publish on our website you can pick up a pattern of one Knitkinz Animal for free. It could be one of 17 Big Knitkinz (about 14 inches tall) or one of 5 Mini Knitkinz (about 7 inches tall). Please check our website and let us know which pattern you prefer.

Meet Lizzy's Knikinz Friends - Farm Animals

Farm animals are Kntkinz and Mini Knitkinz. All Knitkinz patterns are very simple. All you need to know is how to "Knit", "Perl", reduce and add stitches.

Knitkinz Yellow Cow $4

Knitkinz Pink Cow $4

Knitkinz Pink Pig $4

Knitkinz Teal Donkey $4

Knitkinz White Sheep $4

Mini Knitkinz Pink Piglet $3

Mini Knitkinz White Lamb $3

Mini Knitkinz Coral Cow $3

Ducky $2.50

Mini Farm Animals $6.00

Lizzy Tea Cozy & Knitkinz Three Cows $7.50

New Formats for Lizzy's Pattern

Enjoy health benefits of knitting and health benefits of tea – knit our mascot, Lizzy the cow. Lizzy helps us to make perfect tea and keeps it warm.

As Lizzy became very popular, we decided to create Lizzy's pattern in two additional formats, which we hope will simplify your life. The first is a standard .PDF format, which should make printing easier for you.

Another format - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you are using Lizzy's pattern in MS Excel format you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Track your progress by marking completed rows directly in the spreadsheet.

• See the progress (as percentage completed) for each detail as well as for the whole project.

• You can work on details in any order. You can even knit several details at the same time. For example, you can finish the Head, knit 40% of the Detail 1 of the Nose and feel like continuing working on the most complex part - Body, which you are only 15% done. You will still be able to accurately track your overall progress.

Both 'Lizzy the Cow Pattern.pdf" and "lizzy_the_cow_pattern.xls" are available for download. Scroll down to the end of the page (before the comments) and download the files.

Lizzy's Pattern

We used Patons black and white yarn for body, head and ears and Patons grey yarn for the nose. For hair we used Fun Fur Yarn. We knitted Lizzy the cow with bamboo needles #7. We used poly-fil to keep Lizzy the cow in shape.

Body (1 detail)

Cast on 63 stitches. Follow the pattern using white and black colors:

Cast on 17 stitches using white Patons yarn. Keep knitting following the pattern until you've reached the hear line (grey color). Use Fun Fir for hear.

Nose (2 details)

Cast on 8 stitches. Follow the pattern using grey Patons yarn.

Ears (2 details)

Cast on 18 stitches. Follow the pattern using white Patons yarn.

Put All Details Together

Sew details together using poly-fill to keep shape. Make braids from a mixture of Fun Fir, Patons grey yarn. Knit bows and a tong from yarn leftovers. Use your imagination!

Send us a picture of your knitted cow tea cozy at contact@knitvana.com. Lizzy will be happy to find friends.

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Each of "Two Animals" patterns would cost you only $7. If you buy these patterns separately they cost you $9. An exception is the set of cows: Lizzy Tea Cozy pattern is free!

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