Welcome to Knitvana

Welcome to Knitvana - your refuge to knitting from daily stress!

The site name - Knitvana - is a combination of words "knit" and "nirvana" and it is the explanation of the main purpose of the site. We want you to enter a happier state of mind by relieving your stress into the art of knitting. Just take a look through our pages and whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter we hope that this site will help you to find nirvana.

Meet Lizzy

We would like to introduce you to our mascot - Lizzy the Cow. Lizzy is a knitted tea cozy. She helps us to make a perfect cup of tea and keeps it warm.

Lizzy wants to come to your house and keep your teapot warm. Lizzy feels very lonely. Her knitting pattern is free - so knit a friend for Lizzy and send her a picture!

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