Dogs: Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

Knitkinz Dog for Your Office

This 6” tall Knitkinz Dog can live in your office. Any yarn can be used for your Dog. For this Knitkinz Dog we used Grey and White Cotton Yarns. Also we used Red Cotton Yarn for his tongue and White Fun Fur for his ears. The new dog pattern is available via Ravelry: Knitkinz Dog for Your Office $2.98

Dog Tea Cozy

Dog Tea Cozy pattern is very simple. All you need to know is how to "Knit", "Perl", reduce and add stitches. Pattern is available as PDF files with photographs of knitted details and finished products payable via PayPal.

Dog Tea Cozy $5
Two Patterns: Dog Tea Cozy and Knitkinz Blue Dog for $7

Two Tea Cozies: Cat and Dog Tea Cozies $7

Knitkinz Dog Friends

Knitkinz Dog loves his dog friends. He also likes to spend time with his Knitkinz friends. The first friend is published at:

Knitkinz Blue Dog $3.62

Knitkinz Coral Puppy $4

Knitkinz Two Dogs $6

Knitkinz Dog's Home

Knitkinz Dog likes to spend his time at home.

Knitkinz Home $8 ($13.50 is purchased individually)

Knitvana Tea Cozy Patterns

Read more about health benefits of tea.

Two Cute Toys Together - Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

If you love knitted animals toys, please look at our animals sets - Knitkinz and Tea Cozies

We have: Two Cats, Two Dogs, Two Pigs, Two Monkeys, Two Bears, Two Hippos and of course we have Two Cows!

Each of "Two Animals" patterns would cost you only $7. If you buy these patterns separately they cost you $9. An exception is the set of cows: Lizzy Tea Cozy pattern is free!

If you want to see all 18 our Big Knitkinz Animals, please go to

Bone for Knitkinz Dog

Knitkinz Dog loves to eat the bone. Bone’s pattern is free. It’s available for free: Bone for Knitkinz Dog

Visit Knitvana Pattern Store on Ravelry

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