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Gifts for Your Valentine

Traffic Light Hearts - for Valentine’s Day

The pattern is available for free: "Traffic Light Hearts".

Valentine's Day Trio

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and knitvana has a perfect gift for that someone special in your life! Introducing the perfect Valentine’s day trio, the lovable cat, dog and bear. Show your love with these cute knitkinz and knitted heart. You can give them as a trio or separately, for that dog or cat lover in your life. Knitkinz Office Cat and Dog can sit next to you in your office. They can keep pens or business cards for you. Or they can sit and look at your computer. Any yarn can be used for your Cat and Dog. For Dog we used Grey and White Cotton Yarns and White Fun Fur for his ears. For Cat we used Blue and White Cotton Yarns. Also we used Red Cotton Yarn for their tongues. You can find the pattern for all 3 Knitkinz Office animals - Cat, Dog and Bear in Ravelry: Valentine’s Day Trio $5.55 The Knitted Heart is very easy to knit and it does not take a long time to make. The Knitted Heart is a nice gift for your Valentine. The size of the Heart is about 3” x 3.5”. The pattern for the Heart is free. You can find it in the “Knitted Heart - Gift for Your Valentine” pdf file on this page.. If you want only Knitkinz Bear - a perfect way to give a hug this Valentine Day to your Valentine - the pattern is available in Ravelry: Knitkinz Bear - Gift for Your Valentine $2.99.

Year 2019 - Year of Pig

Year of the Pig. 2019 is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Earth Pig, starting from Feb. 5, 2019 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020.

As a New Year gift you can knit a Pig! We have several patterns:

  • Piggy Bank - a toy or as a small pillow.
  • Big Knitkinz Pig
  • Small Knitkinz Pig
  • Knitkinz Office Piglet - it can sit next to you in your office
  • Piggy Tea Cozy - a cute gift for any tea lover
  • Pig’s patterns are easy enough for beginner knitters and a lot of fun for experienced knitters.

    Coming Soon!

    Happy Holidays!

    Christmas Gift: Candy Cane

    The Candy Cane pattern was the first one requested by our readers . Let us know if you want to see any other patterns published.

    Cast on 3 stitches using white yarn. Knit 4 white rows adding a stitch at the beginning of each row. Switch to red yarn. Knit 4 red rows adding a stitch at the beginning of each row. Switch to white yarn. Continue the pattern until it reaches the desired length. Finish with 4 red rows and switch to white yarn. Knit 4 white rows reducing a stitch at the beginning of each row. Switch to red yarn. Knit 4 red rows reducing a stitch at the beginning of each row. Switch to white yarn. Close the remaining 3 stitches.

    We used Patons red and white yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool Yarn-Forest.

    Christmas Gift: Cute Snowman

    These cute snowmen and candy canes are a great way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. They make a great gift for any age. They can be used as Christmas decorations and as way to add some holiday spirit to any room, whether it’s an office or a living room. Pattern is available in Ravelry only for $1: Christmass Decorations"

    Gifts for Kids

    Halloween Owl Basket

    The Halloween Owl Basket is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Trick-or-Treaters will love taking candy out of this basket. Or Trick-or-Treaters can use the basket to collect candy around their neighborhood on Halloween night! Or you can put it anywhere around your house as a spooky Halloween decoration.

    It would also make a perfect gift. This knitted basket is a special holiday offer, so get it soon! Hoooo Hoooo. Pattern is available in Ravelry only for $1.99: Halloween Owl Basket pattern

    Knitted Toys - Good Gifts for Kids

    Kids love knitted toys; many adults like them too. If you want to knit toys, look at Knitvana’s 23 Knitkinz Animals. Knitkinz are cute knitted stuffed animals. You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities.

    Gifts for Your Friends

    iPhone Purses

    The Mondrian Style iPhone Purses are perfect for carrying around your iPhone or iPod. They are based on the Knitvana Modern Art design. To design these iPhone purses we were inspired by Piet Mondrian Compositions.

    The .pdf file with patterns for 2 iPhone purses is available via Ravelry only for $0.99:  iPhone Purses Mondrian Style

    Penn State University Scarf

    Making a something knitted for someone during the holiday season or for a birthday is a unique and special gift. You can make the Penn State University Scarf, Lizzy Shoulder Bag or Silver Evening Bag. Knitting pattern for Penn State University Scarf $3

    Lizzy Shoulder Bag

    We have a knitting pattern for Lizzy Shoulder Bag $3

    SIlver Evening Bag

    You can knit for bears a Winni the Pooh Hunny Pot - the pattern for the pot as available for free: Download the Silver Evening Bag pattern for free

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