Cats: Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

Do You Love Cats?

Knitkinz are cute stuffed knitted animals.

Big Knitkinz Cats

All Big Knitkinz have the same size of head and body so all Knitkinz clothes fit them all. You can find free clothes and accessories patterns on the Knitkinz page. You can give your Knitkinz unique personalities. You can take them with you anywhere. They make warm and comforting gifts that are so important for people you love in these tough economic times. Big Knitkinz Cats patterns are available on Ravelry: Knitkinz Orange Cat for $4 or Knitkinz Blue Cat for $4. If you want to knit both cats, you can buy Knitkinz Two Cats patterns for $5.

Knitkinz Cat for Your Office

This Knitkinz Office Cat can sit next to you in your office. It can keep pens or business cards for you. Or it can sit and look at your computer. This Knitkinz Office Cat is 6” tall. Yarn for Cat: Blue & White The new Cat pattern is available via Ravelry: Knitkinz Cat for Your Office $2.97

Knitted Cat Tea Cozies

Paul Klee Cat Tea Cozy

We like to knit tea cozies and one of our first animal tea Ccozies was based on Paul Klee “Cat and Bird” painting. The idea of the Cat tea cozy was born when we visited Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. Once we saw the Cat by Paul Klee we knew we wanted to knit it. This was our first Art Tea Cozy and we wish we could share a pattern but there was no pattern. We printed a picture and used yarns of different colors to imitate it.

Red Cat Tea Cozy and Her Friends

Red Cat Tea Cozy is one of the most popular Knitvana patterns. Knit this cute Cat Tea Cozy for somebody who loves cats and loves tea. Pattern is available via Ravelry: Red Cat Tea Cozy $5

If you like cats, you can find a Cat Tea Cozy pattern with Knitkinz cats patterns: Knitkinz Orange Cat and Red Cat Tea Cozy for $7 or you can get 2 Knitkinz Cats and Red Cat Tea Cozy patterns for the same money: 3 Cats: Knitkinz and Tea Cozy $7 If you like cats and dogs you can find Two Tea Cozies: Cat and Dog pattern: Cat and Dog Tea Cozies $7. You can read more about knitting dogs in our Dogs webpage

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