Bears: Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

Knitkinz Bear Family

Knitkinz are your knitted fuzzy friends. You can give them unique personalities. You can knit for them clothes and accessories, food and furniture.

You can knit for bears a Winni the Pooh Hunny Pot - the pattern for the pot as available for free: Download the “Winni the Pooh Hunny Pot for free

You can take them with you anywhere. They make perfect gift for people you love. There are Big Knitkinz Bears - 14 inches tall and Mini Knitkinz Bears - 7 inches tall.

Big Knitkinz Green Bear $3.75

Mini Knitkinz Blue Bear $3

Knitkinz Big Bear Family (Big and Mini) $6

Each group has the same sized heads and bodies, so any Knitkinz or Mini Knitkinz clothes fit them. You can find free patterns for Big Knitkinz animals at Knitkinz Page and free patterns for Mini Knitkinz on this page.

Three Little Bears

These new toys were inspired by the new Pixar movie “Brave”. In the movie, Merinda’s little brothers named Hamish, Hubert, and Harris are transformed into these adorable bears. This is the perfect gift for any fan of the movie, whether they’re younger children or adults!

Three Little Bears $3.33

Knitkinz Bear for Your Office

This Knitkinz Bear is a perfect way to give a hug this Valentine Day to your Valentine. The Bear can sit next to your Valentine in the office. If you love the bear, he can sit in your office, keep your pens or business cards. Or he can sit and look at computer. This Bear is 6” tall.

The pattern for the Bear Knitkinz Bear for Your Office $2.99.

Knitkinz Bear and Fish

As bears like fish. you can knit colorful fishes for your bears. You can buy a pattern of bears with fish or only fish which is easy to knit.

Knitkinz Bear Family & Fish $4.50

Easy Knit Fish $1.50

Bear Tea Cozy, Big & Mini Knitkinz

The "2 Bears" pattern includes Bear Tea Cozy and the Big Knitkinz Bear. These two patterns separately cost $9; in the combine pattern - $7. The "3 Bears" combine pattern includes Bear Tea Cozy, Big Knitkinz Bears, Mini Knitkinz Bears patterns. It also includes the Fish pattern for FREE. This pattern costs $9.00. Separate patterns together would cost $5(Tea Cozy)+$4(Big Bear)+$3(Mini Bear)+$1.5(Fish)=$13.50.

Bear Tea Cozy, Big & Mini Knitkinz $9

Two Bears - Tea Cozy & Knitkinz $7

Bear Tea Cozy

I love bears. I was looking for Bear Tea Cozies and I could find very few - much less than Cow Tea Cozies and Cat Tea Cozies. So I decided to design a new Bear Tea Cozy... The size of the Bear Tea Cozy (inside of the body) is 7 inches top and 7 inches diameter. The Bear can worm my teapots that I use for 3 - 4 cups of tea. Bear Tea Cozy $5

Two Cute Toys Together - Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

If you love knitted animals toys, please look at our animals sets - Knitkinz and Tea Cozies

We have: Two Cats, Two Dogs, Two Pigs, Two Monkeys, Two Bears, Two Hippos and of course we have Two Cows!

Each of "Two Animals" patterns would cost you only $7. If you buy these patterns separately they cost you $9. An exception is the set of cows: Lizzy Tea Cozy pattern is free!

If you want to see all 18 our Big Knitkinz Animals, please go to

More Tea Cozy Patterns

Read more about health benefits of tea.

Webpage "All Big Knitkinz"

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