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Knit a Tea Cozy and Have a Cup of Tea

Are You Stressed?

Did you hear that more than 60% of doctor visits are for conditions related to stress? Too much stress is very bad for your health and to be healthy you have to find your ways of stress relief.

What is very helpful for stress relief? Drinking green tea and knitting.

Knitting is like meditation: it's very calming for you. You can read more about knitting as stress relief on our website: Knitting and Stress Relief.

Tea Cup Lid

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world (after water). It is packed with antioxidants and it can be used along with water to fulfill your fluid daily requirements – eight glasses. Do you want to knit something for tea? Start with knitting a Tea Cup Lid. It's very easy to knit and it will keep your tea worm.

Use any yarn and needles #3. Cast on 6 stitches and do "Knit" in all odd rows. On even rows do the following:
* Rows 2: 2 Purl, (M1, 1 Purl)*, 2 Purl ...9 sts
* Rows 4: 2 Purl, (M1, 1 Purl)*, 2 Purl ...15 sts
* Rows 6, 10, 12, 16: All Purl. Row 18: All Knit. Rows 20, 24, 26, 30, 34: All Purl
* Rows 8: 2 Purl, (M1, 1 Purl)*, 2 Purl ...27 sts
* Rows 14: 2 Purl, (M1, 1 Purl)*, 2 Purl ...51 sts
* Row 22: 2 Purl, (2Ptog)*, 2 Purl ...27 sts
* Row 28: 2 Purl, (2Ptog)*, 2 Purl ...15 sts
* Row 32: 2 Purl, (2Ptog)*, 2 Purl ...9 sts
* Row 36:(2Ptog)* ...5 sts. Cast off after Row 37

How to make a perfect cup of tea?

The best hot tea can be made in teapot that is covered by tea cozy to keep the tea worm.

We like to knit tea cozies and we already have several Animal Tea Cozies. One of the first our Animal Tea Cozies was based on
Paul Klee

"Cat and Bird" painting so it' our first Art Tea Cozy! Our new Art Tea Cozy was inspired by Piet Mondrian Compositions.

If you want to knit these cube or cuboid tea cozies, here are the patterns:

Mondrian Cube Tea Cozy (8"x8"x8") - $4.71

Mondrian Cuboid Tea Cozy(8"x5.5"x5.5") - $4.87

If you want to make the best hot tea, please read the following description from

Perfect tea requires only a few simple elements.

• "Hot the pot." Pour hot water into a ceramic teapot and let it sit until time to use.

• Using cool, fresh tap water, fill the kettle and bring it to a boil.

• As the water in the kettle is about to boil, empty the teapot, dry it and measure into it 1 teaspoonful of tea per cup plus "one for the pot." Tea bags may be substituted if you prefer.

• Just as the water has come to a full, rolling boil, bring the "pot to the kettle" and place it next to the stove. If the water continues to boil, it will become flat and decrease the flavor of the tea. So, immediately pour water over the tea leaves.

• Put a lid on the teapot, cover it with a tea cozy and let steep for 5 minutes. Stir once during the steeping process. Using a strainer, pour tea into cups and serve.

Green Tea

All teas are healthy but experts agree that the most healthful of them all is green tea.

Green tea is used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat many illnesses.

Nowadays scientists proved that green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells, helps with arthritis, decreases cholesterol levels and inhibits inflammation.
Here is an excerpt from the
Tea Time

"Green tea is least oxidized compared to Black teas and Oolong teas as the leaves are steamed or baked immediately after being plucked. They are then rolled and dried allowing the leaves to remain green in color. About ninety percent of the world's green tea is produced in China. A cup of green tea is generally much lighter than black or oolong tea. While Asian cultures have believed for centuries that green tea has properties beneficial to human health, modern science is just now discovering and confirming the health benefits of tea in general and green tea in particular".

Do you want to knit a Witch Tea Cozy? Here is the pattern:
Witch Tea Cozy $5

Animal Tea Cozy Patterns

We have several Animal Tea Cozies:

We have Cat, Dog, Pig, Bear, Hippo, Monkey and Froggy Tea Cozies. Our favorite is Bear Tea Cozy. Which one is your favorite?

Their patterns are $5 each. And we have our mascot - Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy with a free pattern!

Two Cute Toys Together - Tea Cozy and Knitkinz

If you love knitted animals toys, please look at our animals sets -
Knitkinz and Tea Cozies

We have: Two Cats, Two Dogs, Two Pigs, Two Monkeys, Two Bears, Two Hippos and of course we have Two Cows!

Each of "Two Animals" patterns would cost you only $7. If you buy these patterns separately they cost you $9. An exception is the set of cows: Lizzy Tea Cozy pattern is free!

If you want to see all 18 our Big Knitkinz Animals, please go to

Webpage "All Big Knitkinz"

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